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COVID-19 POLICY    (see our                      on Hand Washing)

We are an essential part of the healthcare triad (Physicians, Patients and Pharmacy) and are here for you.  Our highest priority is the health and safety of our patients, their families and the Royal Pharmacy Staff. We will continue to monitor developments and recommendations from the CDC and local authorities and are prepared to take critical steps to make sure we keep our patients, families, and community safe. We will do our best to keep you promptly updated on any pharmacy schedule changes as they become necessary.
At this time, we remain open and available, but we are taking precautions for the safety of our patients.

We are offering FREE Home delivery!
Waived signature requirements per PBM and State Board Allowances
Have implemented protocols to ensure staff and providers are kept home if reporting/exhibiting any cold, flu-like, and/or COVID-19 symptoms;
Free Vitamins/ Supplements for all New and Transfer Patients!
Free gift for all New and transfer Patients!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions.
    Vitamins/ Supplements & Gift for all new  Transfer patients

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1420B Meriden Road
Waterbury, CT  06705

Royal Pharmacy is a full-service, independent pharmacy located at 1420B Meriden Road in Waterbury, Connecticut. Look no further for the family’s prescription and wellness needs.  We’re right by the Waterbury-Wolcott town line (across the street from Zheng Zheng).

In today's world of chain pharmacies and big pharmaceutical mail order hubs, personal, one-on-one pharmacist-patient relationships are gradually becoming a thing of the past.
Royal Pharmacy is here to revive the personal touch you and your family deserve.

While being backed by the nationwide HealthMart Network, our certified/ licensed staff are trained to give professional care and warm enough to share homely care with our valued
Royal Pharmacy community. It’s not about just filling prescriptions. We want to team up with you to reach your health goals. We serve each "King" and "Queen" with respect, with dignity, as "Royalty".

How May We Help You?

• You can depend on our fast, convenient service, with our extensive selection of  
   medications to save the day when you’re in a hurry.
• Our deep network of health care personnel provide for a deeper, more one-on-one  
   experience here at the pharmacy and homecare.
• Confused about how to start taking care of your health? We provide health 
   education and preventative health consultations.
• Our medication therapeutic management (MTM) is here to keep you on the right 
   track with life using your prescriptions.
• Our wide range of vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter drugs ensure that
   your day-to-day wellness is never an issue.
• Can’t get to the pharmacy? Not a problem! We deliver your prescriptions once
   they’re filled.
• To our elderly Royalty: our Royal Elite Homecare Services are always available to 
   ensure your comfort no matter what .
About Us:
Julia Ngozi Oparaocha, RPh. PharmD.

Royal Pharmacy's very own, head pharmacist Julia,
uses her extensive array of experience in pharmacy
and home care services to serve and nurture. She has
more than 17 years of experience as a community,
clinical and consultant pharmacist. Julia sets herself
apart with her knack for undeniable authentic care,
presentation, & professionalism, all tying together to
showcase her deep devotion to her patients and their
health goals.  Julia's start in pharmacy dates back to
2003, where she earned her Doctor of Pharmacy
degree (PharmD) from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Prior to that, she earned degrees in Biological Sciences, Allied Health, & Medical  Laboratory Science.
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8am   to  6pm                   Closed